Friday, May 20, 2016

No Bounds Couture: Bianca A.

11:15 PM

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I've been saving all my summers for you, like froot (loops). 

Who knew cereal could be a fashion inspiration? Colorful and fruity are trending in the summer, which is what Froot Loops are all about! A midnight snack is what got my creative juices flowing; I was thinking of how much the fruity flavors reminded me of a fruit shake at a beach, or how the bright colors were similar to the neons of music festival-goers. Inspiration is everywhere, even in the most mundane of places. - Bianca Arreola


If you’d like to submit your own No Bounds Couture art, shoot a submission with a three to five sentence description of your work to! The work can be done using any medium and does not necessarily have to be digitized. Check out our contact page for more guidelines before you submit.

Art by Bianca A.
Bianca is a huge nerd who has too many ideas and too little focus. Aside from procrastinating, her other hobbies include drawing and writing.


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