Thursday, May 19, 2016

You Made It; You’re Here

7:50 AM

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Some vibes to jam to on your way to the throne.


Traffic was tough. Your professor’s mood equals that of a madman’s temper. Pieces of paper everywhere, but they’re not money. Your notes skewer you to hell, but they’re not bank notes. You sigh and say, “I’m tired,” but you’re a fighter so you carry on. Your alarm rings, 5 a.m.

You wake up, show up, come through. Now you’re out here, making it past the stress. Now you’re here. Look around, you’ve made it.

Playlist by Kiana
Art by Camz
Kiana Kimberly Flores's constancy fluctuates. A scholar of nowhere and an aspiring witch, she is a reader and thinker more than a writer and doer. Despite this, she writes a weekly diary at Rookie Mag and has contributed to Femsplain. She seeks to become relentless in her conducts. She lives in Davao City with her grandmother and a dog named Daisy.
Camz likes to print things. If she were a printing machine, she would like to be the Riso MZ 770; inexpensive and environment-friendly.


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